Often we begin working on things with a goal or intention. Then as we progress, those goals and intentions often evolve.

I got a bit lost on my blogging journey. I forgot where my true passions lied. I truly wanted my blog to be something beneficial for me and everyone reading it. I lost my focus and I lost my drive.

After losing your focus and your motivation, that goal no longer becomes a priority. I believe this is where most of us fall short in achieving our goals, resolutions, and commitments.

We will find a way to justify that failure. I’m a master at this, which is nothing to brag about. I’m too busy and do not have the time. I forgot. Such and such was more important. There are only so many hours in a day. The list could go on and on.

How do we change that? We stop making excuses. We decide whether we want to make something a goal or priority….and stick to it! Make a list and then rewrite that list based on the importance of meeting that goal. You may not be able to make everything fit into your day, but that’s ok! 

Which goals on your list need to be addressed daily? Which can be focused on during the week? How much time are your going to commit to each? Write it all down! You may need to adjust things to fit everything in.

In my case, I’m sacrificing most of my “down time” or play on your phone time. I committed to writing a list of blog posts to work on. Writing those posts. Filming for YouTube on the weekends. Editing those videos. I am committed to these things because I really want to do it! 

Anyone can make a list. You must make a commitment to those goals. You must focus on the how to achieve those goals. Otherwise you might get sidetracked or lost like I did at one point. Why not give it a shot?