If you haven’t tried out any of Makeup Geek‘s products, you are truly missing out! With that said, the collaboration palette with Manny MUA is a wonderful opportunity for you to try this wonderful brand at an affordable price.

The Palette is put together beautifully. The palette itself is nice and sturdy and has a nice sized mirror inside. You will find 9 gorgeous shades, that will compliment a wide range of skin tones.
Out of the 9 shades, 5 are custom created by Manny MUA and the other 4 shades (Beaches & Cream, Cosmopolitan, Frappe, Insomnia) are a part of Makeup Geek’s existing shadows, but were chosen specifically by Manny MUA to be a part of this palette. The shadows are extremely pigmented! With a smooth consistency, they blend out beautifully. I did find that Mars was a bit harder to blend and was not as smooth in consistency as the other shadows. Due to the high pigment in Mars, I’m sure some aspect of the formulation had to be sacrificed to maintain the pigmentation.

At $45, the price point may be higher than what most are used to paying, however it is actually priced very well. Let me break this down. The shadows are the size of a traditional eye shadow pan, which coming from other companies such as Urban Decay or Anastasia Beverly Hills would cost you between $12-19 per shadow. At that price, purchasing 9 eye shadows (with no palette) would cost you between $108-171!!

If you compare the price of this palette to Makeup Geek’s regular pricing, it’s still a steal! Regular shadows are usually priced at $6 and there are 6 of those in the palette. There are also 2 foiled shadows, which are usually priced at $10 a piece. And 1 duochrome pigment (Insomnia) which has been pressed for this palette only and would normally cost you $12. So if you were to purchase this set up of shadows individually it would cost you $68, with no palette included.
The demand for this palette is so high that you will need to sign up for the waitlist. They are producing more at a fast rate, but you have a little time to save for it.

My tutorial using this palette is below!