In case you live under a rock and have not heard, Florida has the gigantic Hurricane Irma barreling towards it. I live in the Tampa Bay area, which has not had a direct hurricane hit since 1921. The last close call we had was in 2004 with Hurricane Charley (Category 4).

In Florida, especially this area, we don’t tend to take hurricanes very seriously. However, on the coattails of Harvey hitting Texas, there is a tension in the air as Irma heads towards us. I have never seen a response this dramatic. Families are evacuating. Stores are out of water, ice and many food items. Gas stations are running out of fuel at an alarming rate. Finding plywood is like finding a needle in a haystack also. Unless you planned ahead, you are playing hide and seek to find the supplies that you need.

Despite the stress and anxiety, I am actually very thankful right now. Most women tend to “nest” while they are pregnant. They clean, organize and decorate. My version of “nesting” was quite different. I prepared for a nonexistent disaster. I collected lanterns, lighters, matches, LifeStraws, paperwork, survival books, first aid supplies, and put together Go-Bags. My husband was legitimately pissed at me actually. Because at 38 weeks pregnant I had everything ready for an apocalypse while Aria’s nursery was not even close to being finished (it was ready in time in the end).

Flash forward to September. Aria is 5 1/2 months old. We have Hurricane Irma headed towards Florida at a Category 3-4. My husband is now thankful for all the crazy pregnant lady preparing that I did. We still had plenty of supplies to get, but many of the things we already had were some of the first items to disappear from store shelves! I am so thankful for my paranoid nesting.

Right now all that we can do is watch the updates and pray. I’m praying, and hard. The weather is unpredictable and out of our hands. I hope that if you are reading this and live in Florida, that you are prepared and I pray that you stay safe!