Slowly, but surely a liquid lipstick by the company SeneGence International is beginning to spread across social media. Their product is called LipSense.

I have a love, hate relationship with liquid lipsticks. I love their staying power! However, with naturally dry lips, I hate that your lips feel like the Sahara desert dying for some moisture by the end of the day. I also cannot even attempt to wear a liquid lipstick two days in a row.

First off, at the time of writing this review, I am not a distributor for SeneGence or affiliated in any way. I also purchased the product that I reviewed. These are my honest and unbiased views of this product alone.

SeneGence International

Something important to note is that SeneGence International is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company. I am naturally VERY skeptical of MLM companies as well as their products. I usually tend to shy away from all MLM companies completely. However, when a very close friend of mine became a distributor for the company I wanted to support her and was curious to try the LipSense product due to the recent media buzz. What makeup junkie wouldn’t want to try the latest thing?

LipSense is a liquid lipstick that SeneGence claims is water-proof, smear-proof and essentially budge-proof for up to 18 hours. The color range available is very impressive. There truly is a shade for everyone of every skin-tone. They even have some fashion-forward colors like blue and black! The formula comes in mattes, shimmers and frosts. The company does note that their matte shades are longer lasting than the shimmers and frosts.

The product claims to moisturize your lips and continue to do so the more you use the product. Their formula is also patented. The product is free of lead, wax and animal by-product. They do not test on animals. They clearly display all ingredients and explain the key ingredients in detail on their website.


The LipSense product should be applied to clean, dry lips, free from other products. It is meant to be applied in 3 layers with a 3-5 second drying time between those layers. Application should begin from one corner of the mouth to the other in a continuous sweeping motion (not back and forth). Lips should be kept apart during this process. After the last layer, the gloss is applied and lips may be pressed together. If you do not like that “wet” glossy look, it is important to note that the gloss helps extend the wear time of the product and also sinks into the lips over time so the “wet” look won’t last unless you reapply the gloss.

The Test

I did not go easy on this product at all! I wore LipSense two days in a row. The first day for only about 6 hours and the second day for 12 hours. The second day I was brutal and documented it on SnapChat (Seeing.Scarlet). I applied the product at roughly 8:40 am and officially removed it at 8:40 pm.

For breakfast I had coffee, a waffle, eggs, bacon (grease!) and fruit. I ate a sub sandwich for lunch with chips. For dinner I had wings and pizza. I ate everything you would normally prefer to avoid while wearing a liquid lipstick.

Through all of this, the product continued to hang on with no reapplications. I only reapplied the gloss. The enemy of this product is definitely grease! Had I eaten some different foods, I do think it may have performed a bit better.

After breakfast, I observed some flaking in the corners and the inside area of my mouth. I also noticed that when I smiled the product had begun to wear away in the folds of the wrinkles of my lips. However, it was still picture worthy! By the time dinner rolled around it had definitely begun to wear away a bit more. You would still be able to pull off a good picture (not too close up), but it may be noticeable to someone while conversing.


This product is only sold through a SeneGence International Independent Distributor. If you do not know one, the SeneGene website will help assign you one. The first time you purchase this product it will cost you $45, which includes a LipSense color for $25 and the Gloss for $20. Although this is quite pricey, I do honestly think it is worth the initial investment for a long-lasting and most importantly, non-drying lip product.

My Thoughts

Overall, I would say it is a great product! The thing I loved most is that LipSense did not dry out my lips at all! It was truly comfortable to wear all day long. This alone is very unique for a liquid lipstick and I own a lot of them from various brands. The product lived up to its claim to stay on. Even after showering, I had to use an eye makeup remover pad to get the remaining product off (coconut oil also works well).

I would recommend steering away from greasy foods to get the longest wear time out of LipSense. If you do have an evening function after wearing the product all day, I would remove and reapply it so it looks its very best.

After this review, I do hope to possibly test out some more of their products in the future. I also will be purchasing some additional colors. As a religious lip balm, lip gloss and lip stain type of girl, I think SeneGence has helped me find a liquid lipstick that finally works for me!