Everyone has dealt with ingrown hairs at one time or another, but have you ever had an ingrown eyebrow hair?? I hadn’t until now! 

The result was a very red, swollen brow area. It felt like a huge zit was under the surface of my skin. It was very sensitive to the touch and looked like a huge mosquito bite. Here’s how I treated it and how I hid it.


Sorry for the terrible lighting!

The Treatment:

What you will need: a small washcloth, water, microwave, a needle (yes, a needle) and antibacterial ointment. 

1. Submerge your washcloth in water and then wring out some of the moisture. If your water is not hot, zap the damp washcloth in the microwave until steaming. Allow it to cool just a little. Hold it on the swollen area until the cloth is no longer warm. 

2. Using the same washcloth, gently massage the area in a circular motion (yes, it will hurt a bit). The heat opens your pores and the massage provides light exfoliation, which in turn promotes hair growth.

3. Immediately following, apply the antibacterial ointment. Keep the area moisturized as this also promotes hair follicle growth. We want that sucker out! Continue to do this twice a day until the ingrown hair is clearly visible. It took several days in my case. 

4. Once the area has healed and the loop of the ingrown hair is clearly visible, you will VERY carefully take the needle and use the tip to pull the loop of the ingrown eyebrow hair out. Be sure to apply anti-bacterial afterward. Please consult with a dermatologist if the issue continues.


How I hid it:

Obviously life must go on and you want to look presentable. My best accessories for hiding the swelling and red welt were my geek-chic eye glasses and some bright lipstick. 

I kept my eye makeup matte and very simple using the Locac Pro Palette. I used Taupe on the lid, Cream on the brow bone, and White in the inner corner. I followed this with the Lorac liquid eye liner and two coats of Lorac Pro mascara. I passed on filling in my brows until this cleared up. I did put a touch of concealer on the infected area with a bit of the Cream shadow on top. I used a bright lip, Revlon Just Bitten in Romantic to distract from my eye area. Thankfully no one ever noticed and it healed after a couple of weeks!! 



I felt the need to add a PSA to this post also. I read somewhere that Blue Star Ointment could help with this issue. Keep in mind this is not intended for use near your eyes, but what can I say, I was desperate. Whatever you do, do NOT use this anywhere near your eyes. I did and it took about an hour after washing this stuff off for my eye to feel like it wasn’t on fire. I hope I have saved at least one person from making that mistake!