My first fitness progress update. This is so hard to write. I feel so incredibly exposed and nervous. It is not writing this post that makes me feel that way, but posting progress photos. Ok well, moving on.

To kick off my fitness journey, I did something I even said that I would NEVER consider doing. I signed up as a Beachbody Coach…yep and I’m going all in. Still, with some skepticism, I began drinking my Shakeology, joined a Challenge Group and chose to begin the 21-Day Fix fitness program.

I could have been much more consistent during this challenge. I will cut myself some slack since I had to find time to incorporate working out into a schedule with working full-time and having a 3 month old. Thanks to the handy app that they have, I was able to easily see how often I actually worked out. I averaged about 3+ days a week. I drank my shake daily as my breakfast. Without it, I would never have breakfast! Despite my concern that Shakeology was an over-hyped protein, I have been pleasantly surprised by how much better I feel after drinking it daily for a month.

Workouts are Blue and Shakeology is Green.

My weight did not change at all!


Full disclosure, I did not stick to the 21 Day Fix meal plan. I did focus on eating healthy foods but, with breastfeeding, I did not want to impact my supply. What I was surprised to find was that the Shakeology seemed to actually help my supply! I did not lose any weight, but did lose inches! This highlights the importance of IGNORING the number on the scale. Seriously, try it, it reduces your self-inflicted stress about getting in shape.

You can see my progress below. Taking the pictures is SO hard. You may know it’s bad, like I did, but then you take a picture and it becomes much more real as to the severity. I seriously wanted to cry, but I did it. I’m glad I did because with zero change in weight it helped me see that some progress was made!!

For July, I am in another Challenge Group and doing the T25 program, which is an old favorite. An update will follow once that challenge group finishes.

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