We have all seen countless products promising even skin, clearer skin, smaller pores, the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Is this Clarisonic Mia 2 spin brush really worth the all the hype, the price and does it deliver the results?

Clarisonic promises the following results:
– 6x Better cleaning than your hands
– 61% Better absorption of Vitamin C after use
– 2x Daily use is proven safe and gentle
– 94% Report softer skin
– 90% Report brighter and more radiant skin

After hearing my friends rave about the Clarisonic spin brush, specifically the Clarisonic Mia 2, I had to dig in and research the product. Always, be an informed consumer! I read review after review, most of which were positive.

Here’s what the reviews (and later my experience) told me, in a nut shell: – Give the product a chance to yield results (3-6 months)
– You may need to adjust how often you use it depending on your skin’s reaction & sensitivity
– You most likely WILL begin to breakout for the first month of using this product
– It DOES work, give it time!

I ended up taking the plunge and purchased it as a Christmas present for myself in 2012. I have not used the cheaper spin brushes, so I can’t compare them accurately. I have been using the Clarisonic daily for the last four years and it still works very well. I have oily, combination skin that is mostly wrinkle free and very acne prone.

I began by using the Clarisonic on the lower speed setting twice a day, morning and night. You truly need to give your skin time to get used to this product, it is a big change! I broke out terribly for the first month or so. Your skin is essentially purging all of the trapped gunk that has built up in your pores, which causes your pores to appear larger over time. I toughed it out and continued to use it diligently twice a day.

After two months, I noticed a real change. My skin tone evened out, my pores were smaller, skin brighter, and although not acne free, I noticed a drastic reduction in the frequency of my breakouts (constant to about once a month). I also began receiving compliments on my skin being clear and smooth.

Two of my favorite features is that it is re-chargeable and waterproof. Priced around $150, this has been my most expensive skin care purchase to date, but it has been well worth it!

If you are short on the funds, but really want one, look into the original Clarisonic Mia. The primary difference is that the Mia only has one speed setting vs. the two speed settings on the Mia 2. In four years, I have never used that additional setting. Given that, if I purchased this again I would opt for the Mia. Overall, it is a wonderful product that I would recommend to any of my friends!!