Preparing for Hurricane Irma

In case you live under a rock and have not heard, Florida has the gigantic Hurricane Irma barreling towards it. I live in the Tampa Bay area, which has not had a direct hurricane hit since 1921. The last close call we had was in 2004 with Hurricane Charley (Category 4).…

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I am Back!

I’m finally back! Sorry that it’s been so very long since I’ve posted. My life has had some very interesting developments which pulled my attention and commitment away from my blog and YouTube. …

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Focusing On Your Goals

Often we begin working on things with a goal or intention. Then as we progress, those goals and intentions often evolve. I got a bit lost on my blogging journey. I forgot where my true passions lied. I truly wanted my blog to be something beneficial for me and everyone reading it. I lost my focus and I lost my drive. After losing your focus…

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